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We are nominated for the «Golden Hook»

We are truly honored to be nominated for a «Golden Hook» with our Iceland Pilot. The category is called «best fishing film / clip of the year». We are very proud, and we are really looking forward to the Gullkroken award show this weekend. Thanks for all your support!

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Back to work!

Some of us are back in school, some are back at work and some are editing film and designing clothes like crazy to reach our deadline next month. Since Bernt turned 24 today we wanted to share a picture from our last trip, and our upcoming movie.– Happy birthday, mate!Bernt with a nice Icelandic brown trout caught on a small midge* * *

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Sneak peak from Iceland – new film in the making!

We are currently working on our new full length film from Iceland!Enjoy a small sneak peak from our awesome trip to the land of fire and ice. While we work on our film we need you guys to help financing the project by ordering some merchandise from our shop. We are soon sold out, and got a brand new collection of clothing coming in shortly, so grab it while it lasts! A short video trailer will show up soon. Lots of insects, lots of huge ice age browns and lots pipe smoking – just the way we like it.Bernt with one of the many Icelandic beauties caught on film. Marius Huse  // Tørt Fly Fishing ©The fish on Iceland has tons of...

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