We are a group of young Norwegian fly fishers in search of great scenery, great experiences and rising fish. 

Established in 2012, we created a small independent film company, released our first full length film in 2013, and opened our website and webshop early this year.

We decided to design our own collection of clothing combining fishing gear and streetwear. Tweed and leather, suited for dry fly fishing along the English chalk streams, combined with modern trends fit for urban areas. We strive to make high quality products, something cool and unique for the truly dedicated. And hopefully we can sell enough merchandise to break even, covering our expenses and allowing us to spend the summer fishing, filming and making more stuff for you guys.

We love our passion!

Ivar Simonsen Wolden, Bernt Bjørnstad, Simen Prestaasen and Marius Huse (left to right)
from Tørt Fly Fishing at the annual sports fishing award show, «Gullkroken», back in 2013.
(Photo by Kristian Solli / HOOKED.no)


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