TØRT 2023 – Fly Fishing Film

Join us on our annual fishing trip across beautiful Norwegian nature, filled with rising fish and spectacular landscapes.

It's been 10 years since we released our very first full-length fly fishing film. A lot has changed since then, with countless fish and many adventures along the way. We've always strived to take you along on our journeys, to inspire you to head outside yourselves, and to show the real truth of fly fishing – the ups and downs, the unexpected challenges, and the moments of pure joy. Because a fly fishing adventure never goes quite like you planned, and that is exactly why we love it.

If you enjoy our film and want to support us, please spread the word, leave a comment, subscribe, follow, and encourage us. If there's something you didn't like, let us know – we'll work on improving it for our 20th anniversary film in 2033. Making fly fishing films is hard work, but it's a labor of love for us, and we'd love to continue doing it with your support.

Tight lines,